“I am running for the District 12 House of Representatives, and I ask for your support. Thank you.”

-Grant Christensen

Unapologetically Pro-Life

“I was blessed to have grown up on a farm here in Stutsman county, where my wonderful Mom and Dad taught me everything they knew, then told me to Google everything they didn’t know.”

Grant Christensen is running for the North Dakota House of Representatives in District 12.

Grant is a staunch conservative with high moral values and seeking to represent the Jamestown taxpayers to reduce government spending and cut taxes.

“Hard Work is Never Easy”

My goal in running for the House is simple. I want to be the voice of the North Dakotan taxpayers and tell the Capitol to rein in the massive spending problem we are facing, which is breaking the backs of its citizens. I want to be the voice seeking to expand, not constrict our freedoms. I want to be the voice of a third of my generation, who, through the terrible practice of abortion, never had the chance to speak for themselves. I am blessed to have this opportunity that they didn’t have to be available to this district to make the sacrifices necessary to dedicate not only of my time and resources but also a massive cut to my regular income during upcoming campaigning and legislative assembly. I’m willing to do this, not for any personal gain, but in the name of defending this state and its citizens. And it will be hard work, but as we know, and like my father used to say, “Hard work is never easy,” and I genuinely believe it will be worth it.

Christensen received the local Republican party endorsement on February 13th with an overwhelming vote.

“It is unfortunate that district party leaders rejected the decision of its own party members and called for a second district endorsing convention,” Christensen continued. “I did not participate in the second illegitimate convention and, after much prayer with my wife and family, chose instead to proceed toward the June primary.” using the petition process.

“I chose not to legitimize that second convention by participating in it, and worked instead to simply gather the necessary signatures to get on the ballot for the June primary,” said Christensen.

District 12 Shenanigans– Attempting to Deny House Endorsement to Young Republican

Donate By Mail:

209 Northland Estates, Jamestown, ND 58401

I am honored to stand 100% by the ND Republican Platform, and, if elected, I will help reign in spending and cut taxes in Bismarck next session.

With your help

I know we can win this race! Please consider making an investment for yourself and your children and grandchildren by supporting the most pro-life, pro freedom, and pro limited government candidate on the District 12 ballot for the House of Representatives.

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